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Volume : Weight : 20 g
Dimensions : L : 3 cm x W : 3 cm x H : 5 cm
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Pure Ceylon Vanilla Powder

If you are worried about the alcohol in real vanilla, you can also buy vanilla powder which is made with real vanilla. Vanilla powder is nothing other than dried and powdered vanilla beans. You can use it as an alternative to vanilla extract. If the recipe calls for a teaspoon of extract, 
use half a teaspoon of vanilla Powder instead. 

Additional info

Ingredients: Vanilla Beans -100% Natural

Product Style: As grounded powder 

Shelf Life: 1 Year

Handling / Storage: Store in a cool, dry place. 

Qualities: All natural 

Country of Origin: Sri Lanka (Ceylon)

Vanilla material weight : 20g

A bottle of quality vanilla extract is a pantry staple of all good home bakers - but a lessor known gem that can be a great alternative, is ground vanilla bean powder. Vanilla bean powder is simply vanilla beans, dried to zero percent humidity and ground into a fine powder. There are some powders on the market that have been sweetened with powdered sugar or filled out with synthetic fillers, but true vanilla powder, such as CSC Pure Vanilla powder is made from vanilla beans and nothing more.

Vanilla powder gives a really concentrated flavor, so if you're substituting powder for beans, extract or paste in recipes, use ½ teaspoon of ground powder for 1 bean, or ½ teaspoon of ground powder for every teaspoon of extract or paste.

Since vanilla powder is drier than extract and void of alcohol, there are some situations where vanilla powder can be an excellent choice for vanilla flavor 

When you want to avoid alcohol - ground vanilla powder is an excellent vanilla product for those who want to avoid alcohol. The FDA stipulates that vanilla extract must contain 35% alcohol. So if you don't want to consume alcohol, substitute vanilla extract for ground vanilla powder just by using half the quantity of required vanilla extract.

When you're cooking something at a high heat or for a long time - since extract contains alcohol, when cooking at high heat or for long time duration extract looses its potency due to evaporation so if you're wanting a great vanilla flavor in that rice pudding or tapioca, give the ground vanilla a try.

When you're making vanilla infused goodies - such as own vanilla sugar or vanilla salt. Use about a quarter of a teaspoon of ground vanilla powder per cup of salt or sugar and mix thoroughly. Store in glass jars with the lid on tight.

When you have a color sensitive recipe. 

When your mix is temperamental.

When you want to flavor your coffee/Tea naturally.

When you're making dry mixes.

When something just needs a sprinkle of vanilla on top.