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Volume : Weight : 300 g
Volume : NaN
Dimensions : L : 3 cm x W : 5 cm x H : 9 cm
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Main Description:

An all natural, 100% coconutty spread infused with organic pineapple powder to tease your tastebuds with memories of tropical skies. Coconut through and through with a hint of caramel with the consistency of Dulce-de-leche and enhanced with the added flavour of pineapple. An overall low score on the Glycemic Index (GI) makes this a safer option if you are concerned about sudden spikes in your blood sugar levels. You can enjoy this as a topping, a spread or even as frosting.

Detailed Description:

Sri Lanka has a variety (19 different types) of coconut palm trees, although you may not be able to point out any unique differences with a casual glance. The coconut tree is pretty much used in its entirety and the sheer number of products made from coconut palm trees is mind boggling. And it is a highly sustainable plantation crop.

Considering its edible produce, coconut jam with pineapple is a winner that is a growing presence in health and environment conscious households.

Goodfolks natural coconut jam is sourced from sustainable and organic plantations. 

Manufacturing Process:

Goodfolks natural coconut jam with pineapple is sourced from sustainable and organic plantations. The manufacturing process is standardised and this has enabled the product to be USDA Organic certified, EU organic certified and have the FSSC 22000 certification.

About Supplier/Manufacturer:

Sourced from organic and sustainable plantations and manufactured to international standards.

Special Properties:

Low GI Score (Glycemic Index) means this is ideal for those with blood sugar problems. 

Known to contain healthy nutrients, (upto 17) amino acids and minerals.

Raw and unrefined

No artificial flavours, additives, preservatives. 

Gluten free