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Volume : Weight : 500 g
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Dimensions : L : 3 cm x W : 5 cm x H : 9 cm
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Sri Lanka’s multifarious coconut palm tree brings yet another healthy delight in the form of Goodfolks organic coconut sugar. Made from the dehydrated sap of coconut syrup, this product tastes and feels a lot like brown sugar with a touch of caramel and is wonderful as a natural sweetener or to be used in baking, cuisine or to drizzle on top of desserts.

Coconut sugar also has a low calorie content when compared with cane sugars and passes through the body instead of getting stored. 

Detailed Description:

Sri Lanka has a variety (19 different types) of coconut palm trees, although you may not be able to point out any unique differences with a casual glance. The coconut tree is pretty much used in its entirety and the sheer number of products made from coconut palm trees is mind boggling. And it is a highly sustainable plantation crop.

Coconut sugar is known to score around 35 on the Glycemic Index when compared to refined regular sugars that score in the range of 60 - 70. High GI foods can cause your blood sugar to spike suddenly and this affects your insulin levels. Thus it is safe to say that coconut sugar is a healthier alternative if blood sugar levels are of concern to you. 

Goodfolks natural coconut Sugar is sourced from sustainable and organic plantations. 

Manufacturing Process:

Goodfolks natural coconut Sugar is sourced from sustainable and organic plantations. The manufacturing process is standardised and this has enabled the product to be USDA Organic certified, EU organic certified and have the FSSC 22000 certification. The manufacturing process does not use bone char which is derived from animals (unlike the process for refined sugars) and as such makes this cruelty free.

About Supplier/Manufacturer:

Sourced from organic and sustainable plantations and manufactured to international standards.

Special Properties:

Low GI Score (Glycemic Index) 

Unrefined. Therefore contains natural nutrients, is high on antioxidants and contains iron, potassium and calcium.

Contains Inulin (type of dietary fiber that helps keep your gut healthy, prevent colon cancer, and balance your blood sugar.

Lower fructose content


Gluten Free